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West London Colonics, 12 Mowbray Gardens, Ealing Road, Northolt, UB5 6AE
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Why Us?

Experienced, qualified, enthusiastic
Julia Rhodes, our principal colon hydro therapist is also an experienced (albeit non practising) physiotherapist, fully trained in colon hydrotherapy with the  National College of Colon Hydrotherapists and is a member in good standing of ARCH (The Association of Registered Colon Hydrotherapists.)
She is passionately committed and enthusiastic about colon hydrotherapy and the positive difference it can make for clients.

Exemplary Standards of Cleanliness and Safety
Only disposable equipment is used and we observe best practice standards of hygiene in the clinic. The therapist is present all through the treatment, so you always feel safe and supported. Water pressures used during treatment are approximately 50% of that naturally occurring in the colon so the treatment is physiologically safe, well within the functional ability of the body.
Dena, our clinic manager has background as a pharmacist, and we adopt strict protocols in the sourcing and preparation of enema herbs and implants.

The clinic is a specially constructed facility, with a generously proportioned en-suite bathroom, so you will have full privacy. Your dignity is preserved throughout your treatment and everything is done to ensure that you have a rewarding and comfortable colonic session.

High Grade Individually Tailored Herb Implants
Every client is individually assessed and the most suitable herb enema implants are given - if required - during the treatment at no extra cost in all standard price treatments.

Probiotics After Every Treatment
A well-balanced bacterial culture in your colon is most important for it to function well. To help the body repopulate to optimum levels of bacteria after your colonic, as standard practice, we offer you probiotic capsules to take after every treatment.

Innovative approach to support you on an ongoing basis
We want to support you in your health goals and objectives by providing information & knowledge (from a holistic perspective) and by constantly honing our offerings so they are responsive to your needs.
We ask for, and respond to, your feedback - striving for continuous improvement of existing services on one hand, and innovation of new ones on the other.