Prices & Programmes - Additional Services

For the colon: Herb enemas .No charge for their use in standard price or package deal treatments. Charged at 10, if required, on promotional offers (discounted prices).

To release liver toxicity: coffee implant (retention) enemas 20 for organic black ground coffee / 35 for special organic unroasted green coffee.

For hydrating the colon & for leaky gut/ inflammation: Flaxseed tea retention implants 40.

Restoration of gut flora: probiotic high strength retention implants 20.

For gas and bloating: Garlic enema implant: 20.The price for all implants except for the herbs enema include an increase in the session time of approx. 15 minutes.

Probiotic capsules: Capsules available for purchase 10/ 20 (maintenance strength / high strength)

Massage (AbdM)
Pre-colonic abdominal massage c15 minutes 25
Out of hours appointments fee 7.